Scholarship Q & A

How do I apply?
Before you apply, first review the scholarship guidelines on the Current Scholarships page or download our Fall 2013 Sponsored Scholarship Guide. Then, complete our Online Scholarship Application

What information should I include in my essay?
First and foremost, your essay should be well-organized, focused, free of grammar and spelling mistakes, no more than 500 words and address the topic:

“This scholarship will impact my life and help me reach my educational goals by…”

How you address that topic is really up to you and is determine by your individual situation. We can, however, offer some guidance on what prior applicants have included in their essays:

May I apply for more than one scholarship?
Absolutely! However, students should only apply for scholarships for which they meet all of the specified criteria.

How much are scholarship awards?
Sponsored scholarships range from $300 to $2,000 per semester, with most averaging $500. In most cases, sponsored scholarships are a one-time award.


Who makes scholarship decisions?
Scholarship decisions are made by Mountwest's Retention & Readmissions Committee, a group composed of faculty members and representatives from the Office of Student Services.

When are scholarship decisions made?
Scholarship award decisions are made three to four weeks following the application deadline. The Retention & Readmissions Committee needs sufficient time to carefully review each application.

How is my scholarship application package evaluated?
Your application package is evaluated on a set of criteria that includes:

Will I be notified if I don’t receive a scholarship?
All applicants are notified by formal letter as to whether or not they are selected to receive a scholarship. We make every effort to notify all applicants in a timely manner.

Why was I not selected to receive a scholarship?
Unfortunately, at this time we do not have enough scholarships for every applicant to receive an award. Also, if you do not meet specific eligibility requirements that many of our scholarships have, your application may be disqualified. We suggest that you review the requirements carefully prior to submission and contact the Office of Financial Aid at 304.710.3370 with any questions.

When will I receive the money?
Typically, scholarship awards are disbursed as part of a student’s financial aid package during the first month of classes.