Mountwest Community and Technical College is a public institution with open access to learning for a diverse population.  Since student learning is the main priority, Mountwest is committed to ensuring excellence and accountability in a learning environment that emphasizes workforce development, career preparation, and lifelong learning that will empower learners to meet West Virginia and regional workforce demands. 

Physical Therapist Assistant Program Mission

The Physical Therapist Assistant Program will implement an Associate in Applied Science in Physical Therapist Assistant Degree whose graduates will successfully pass the National PTA Licensure Examination. The Physical Therapist Assistant Program prepares its students to deliver physical therapy interventions in entry-level staff positions, in structured health care settings under the supervision of a physical therapist. 

Physical Therapist Assistant Program Philosophy

The commitment of the PTA program is to develop a well-rounded physical therapist assistant with strong problem solving and patient treatment skills.  The PTA should have the ability to educate and motivate patients and to recognize differences in patients and adjust to these differences. 

The Physical Therapist Assistant Program believes that students learn best in a structured environment which:

Physical Therapist Assistant Faculty will provide advisement and counseling to students enrolled in the program.  In addition, the program's faculty will continuously assess student progress through the administration of well-planned, instructor-generated exams, and analysis of exam results.

The Physical Therapist Assistant Program offers a terminal degree that prepares the graduate for employment in the field of study. 

This full time program prepares graduates to apply for licensure as a Physical Therapist Assistant.  The Physical Therapist Assistant faculty recognizes the program as a terminal occupational degree. 

Furthermore, the faculty believes that the curriculum is not structured to provide a complete foundation for, or the extent of clinical sciences appropriate for a Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy.

The Physical Therapist Assistant Program believes it is the obligation of the institution and educational program to not only provide students with a high level of technical expertise, but also to transmit attitudes and values necessary to competently practice in the evolving health care system of the United States.

The Physical Therapist Assistant Program prepares graduates who possess the skills, attitudes, and values necessary to maintain, restore and promote functional movement activities throughout the life cycle.


Physical Therapist Assistant Program Goals                       

The program enables the mission of the College by preparing students for employment as Physical Therapist Assistants in the community by the following:

Physical Therapist Assistant Program Objectives

The graduates of the program are prepared to function in three roles: provider of care, health care team member, and member of the Physical Therapy profession.  In these roles, the graduate will accomplish the educational program objectives as follows: