Frequently Asked Questions

Most Commonly Asked Questions

When will fall 2012 classes start, and when can I register for them?
Fall classes will begin Monday, August 27, 2012. Registration for fall classes began Monday, June 18.

Where will I park on the new campus?
There are 650 parking spaces available on the new campus. Parking will be free for faculty, staff and students. Reserved spaces will be available for those with handicap permits. The administration will continue to study the parking situation for additional activities and develop strategies as needed.

Will there be bus service to the new campus?
TTA has an existing bus route that services a location close to our campus on route number four. Mountwest is currently in discussions with TTA to see if they will add the new campus as an additional stop on that route and increase the frequency of the bus schedule. To see the current schedule, visit

What food choices will be available on the new campus?
Mountwest plans to select a food service so the cafeteria, located on the ground floor level, can open for the start of the fall 2012 semester. This contract will also provide vending machine options on the new campus site.

Will there be a bookstore on our new campus?
The campus bookstore will be prominently located to the right of the main building entrance, adjacent to the Resource Center an in close proximity to Student Services. It will offer general school and office supplies, textbooks and Mountwest gear.

Will we have a library?
Mountwest will have a Resource Center located on the first floor, which will be equipped with computers for students to use. Please continue checking the Frequently Asked Questions page for more details regarding reference materials and staffing as they become available.

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