Account Creation

Mountwest Information Services provides accounts of various types for students, faculty, staff, and guests of the college.  This page is provided to help understand the account request/creation process.

Creating a Computer/WiFi Login Account:

This process begins automatically for students upon the successful registration for classes and for employees in the completion of new hire documentation.  To retrieve your account information you will need to visit the help desk and provide proper identification.  Accounts are generally made available 24-48 hours after the registration of classes or completion of new hire paperwork, this time may be extended due to unforseen circumstances that might arise and are beyond the control of information services staff.

Special Guest/Temporary Accounts:

In the event a faculty or staff member requires temporary computer/WiFi access for a college related event an external account request form must be completed 15 days in advance to provide adaquate time for the activation of these special use accounts.  If you have questions please contact the help desk.

The Banner Account request process should be completed as follows:

EMAS Account Requests:

Information Services requires that individuals requesting an EMAS Pro Account complete and sign an EMAS account request form and have a competed and signed confidentiality agreement on file with the office of Information Services.