Retention and Readmission Committee



To recommend strategies that encourage student retention in MCTC’s programs and courses. This committee will review and recommend policies regarding the readmission appeal process and evaluate student appeals, making recommendations to the Dean of Student Services regarding the appeals.



  To recommend strategies to improve student retention.

  To work with and market Dual Credit Policy.

  To review all documentation of students appealing their ineligibility status.

  To hear the personal appeal of ineligible students when requested.

  To forward committee recommendations regarding ineligible students to the Dean of Student Services.

  To facilitate the application process and awarding of MCTC scholarships.

  To forward appropriate committee recommendations to the Faculty Council.



Faculty members will be elected from each of the following divisions and will serve a two-year term as voting members.  :

  Allied Health and Life Sciences, (even year)

  Business & Information Technology, (odd year)

  Business & Information Technology, (even year)

  Liberal Arts and Human Services (Math focus) (odd year)

  Liberal Arts and Human Services, (even year)

Additional members of the committee will be:

  Director of ASC (voting member, permanent member)

  Dean of Student Services (voting member, permanent member)

  Student Services member (voting member, appointed by Dean of Student Services)

  Community member (voting member)

  Student member (voting member, one-year appointment, cannot attend readmission meeting or any meeting concerning confidential student information)

  Dean of Continuing and Corporate Education or representative (voting member)