Faculty Development Committee



The purpose of the Faculty Development Committee is to make recommendations to the Council concerning the development and implementation of policies and procedures for ongoing faculty development, research, and scholarly/professional activities.



The primary focus of this committee is faculty development. It is concerned with ensuring ongoing attention to resource development and equitable allocation of available funds among individual faculty, and providing activities and opportunity for enhancing the faculty's abilities in teaching, research, scholarship, and service to the college and the community. The specific duties of the committee are:

  To review and recommend incentives and changes in the faculty development, research, and scholarly aims of the college.

  To propose an institutional policy on faculty development, research, and scholarship.

  To propose procedures and guidelines for applications of available institutionally funded development activities.

  As appropriate, to consider and make recommendations to the executive dean on applications for institutionally funded faculty development funds.

  To monitor compliance with all applicable regulations concerning the use of human or animal subjects.

  To coordinate with the Office of Development and the Executive Dean the solicitation of external funding for faculty development, research, and scholarly activities.

  To assist the Executive Dean in planning and implementing campus-wide faculty development activities including, but not limited to, the annual Faculty August and May workshops.

  To submit an annual report and recommendations to be voted on by the Faculty Council.



Two faculty members will be elected from each of the following divisions and will serve a two-year term as voting members:

  Allied Health and Life Sciences (one even/one odd year)

  Business and Information Technology (one even/one odd year)

  Liberal Arts and Human Services (one even/one odd year)

Additional members of the committee will be:

  Representative from Continuing and Corporate Education (voting member, permanent member)

  Director of Employee Development (voting member, permanent member)

  Director of Online Learning (voting member, permanent member)

  Professional Development Coordinator (voting member, permanent member)

  Executive Dean (nonvoting member, permanent member).