Executive Committee


The Executive Committee shall serve as the executive branch of the MCTC Faculty Council and functions in a leadership and advisory capacity.



The Faculty Council shall elect officers to the Executive Committee to include a President, Vice President, and Secretary, each representative of a different academic division. In addition, the Executive Committee will be comprised of College standing committee chairs, the ACF representative, and faculty representative to the MCTC Board of Governors. The MCTC President will appoint an academic representative as an ex-officio member. In the event that a division is not represented, a member at large from that division shall be elected.


Election of Officers

Officers will be elected by secret ballot at the last meeting of each academic year, as necessary. Terms of office are for two years with terms beginning on July 1. Officers may serve only two consecutive terms in an office. An officer’s term will be considered served if more than 50% of the term is served.


Powers and Functions of Officers

The Faculty Council President shall preside at the meetings of the Council, call and preside at monthly meetings of the Executive Committee, set agendas for such meetings in consultation with appropriate parties, serve as ex-officio member of all faculty standing committees, and participate in college initiatives as requested by the President. The Vice President shall assume all duties and responsibilities in the absence of the President and assist in establishing the agenda for Executive Committee meetings. The Secretary shall maintain an up-to-date list of the Faculty Council membership, distribute the Council agenda, and record and distribute the proceedings of each meeting of the Council to all faculty. The Secretary shall also maintain appropriate files for retaining Council records. The Faculty Council President shall receive the equivalent of one course reassigned time to conduct the business of the Council. The office of the Executive Dean shall provide support services to the Faculty Council.


Succession of Offices

In the event an officer must leave office, a special election shall be held to elect a new officer. The new officer shall fulfill the remainder of the former officer’s term.