Advisory Council of Faculty Representative/Legislative Affairs Committee



To represent the MCTC faculty on the West Virginia Advisory Council of Faculty (ACF) that advises the CTC Council, HEPC, and the West Virginia legislature. Additionally, this position will serve as the liaison with the faculty on all legislative matters and report to the faculty on a regular basis. The ACF representative will also form a legislative committee composed of the ACF alternate, the Faculty Council President, and other faculty members interested in higher education policy and legislative affairs.



To keep faculty informed about ACF agendas, business, and initiatives, as well as relevant West Virginia legislative issues. This committee will contribute to the annual ACF legislative agenda.



  To attend all ACF statewide meetings or arrange for alternate to attend.

  To report regularly to faculty about ACF business by posting minutes, reports, and information to faculty.

  To obtain feedback from MCTC faculty and represent their point of view to the ACF.

  To contribute to the statewide ACF legislative agenda.

  To disseminate information on upcoming legislative sessions and specific bills and rules that affect higher education.

  To attend MCTC Council meetings and deliver ACF reports.

  To review and approve appropriate recommendations to the Faculty Council.

  To communicate with and advise the institutional governing board.



ACF Representative. During the month of April of each odd-numbered year, the Faculty Council shall elect one faculty member to serve on the Advisory Council of Faculty. An alternate ACF member shall also be designated to serve in the absence of the elected ACF member, and that alternate shall act as a voting proxy.

As prescribed by 18B-6-3, the faculty member who is elected to serve on the ACF “is an ex-officio, voting member of the faculty senate or council and reports to the faculty council and the board of governors.”

Terms of the member of the ACF shall be for two years and shall begin on the first day of July each odd-numbered year. Members of the ACF shall be eligible to succeed themselves.