Frequently Asked Questions


For detail information and questions not covered on this page refer to your Mountwest Community and Technical College Catalog.

Q. How do I get admitted to Mountwest Community and Technical College?

In order to be admitted to Mountwest, you must fill out an Admission Application, which can be downloaded from the Admissions section, or it can be picked up in the Admissions Office in the lower level of CTC building, room B5 (Click Here for Campus Map).

Q. If I didn't attend classes last semester, do I have to be readmitted to Mountwest?

If you have not been enrolled in any classes at Mountwest for at least one (1) year, you must apply for readmission. (Click Here for Campus Map). If during your absence from Mountwest you attended another institution, you must apply as a transfer student and may obtain an application from the Admissions Office, located in the lower level of the CTC building, room B5.

Q. Can I transfer to Mountwest from another school?

If you have completed college credit from another college or university, you will need to have your academic record and courses evaluated.

Q. Can I get credit for life or work experience?

The faculty at Mountwest believe what you know is more important than how it is learned. If you can demonstrate or document knowledge and skills reasonably comparable to Mountwest courses, equal credit may be awarded. Credit may be awarded by examination, through accepted standards, or for knowledge and skills. An advisor can explain these options to you.

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Q. Do I have to take the ACT to be admitted?

You do not have to have ACT/SAT scores to be admitted to Mountwest. All students, regardless of ACT/SAT scores, are required to complete the CAP assessment. Click here for more information on the placement exams, or call 304-696-6282 (800-642-3437) to schedule the assessment.

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Q. What is the tuition for a semester?

To view the current tuition rates and fees schedule, please visit the Tuition and Fees Section.

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Q. What if I am not sure what I want to major in when I begin?

There are options available for those who aren't sure what their program should be. There is an undecided major students can follow for one semester until deciding what course of study to pursue. If still undecided after one semester, students may take general education and/or developmental requirements during the first year. At Mountwest a student needs to declare a major as soon as possible as each associates program has specific degree requirements that must be followed in a specific sequence. Students may seek career guidance by visiting the Academic Skills Center and utilize various inventories, which match students' interests, abilities, and values with jobs to assist with career selection.

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Q. How do I receive academic advising?

Located in the lower level of the CTC building, academic advising is available to students who have less than 24 credit hours. During advance and open registration periods, academic advising is provided to students through scheduled appointments or walk-ins.

Q. When should I see an advisor?

The best time to see an advisor is prior to advance registration. By visiting an advisor early, it ensures a greater chance of you receiving classes that best fit into your schedule and adequate time is spent with you to review your personal, career and educational goals.

Q. Is it mandatory for me to see an advisor?

Mountwest students with 24 hours, not including developmental hours, and who have a GPA of 2.0 or better will not be required to have mandatory advising. Students with more than 24 Mountwest credits, and have a GPA greater than a 2.0 may register themselves and are encouraged to make frequent visits with their faculty advisor or program coordinator to ensure proper course selection and career advice.

Q. How do I prepare for an advising session?

Please bring the following:

  1. Make a list of answers to the following questions:
    • What career do I want?
    • What are my educational and life goals?
    • Are there specific times of day when I can't take classes?
  2. You and the advisor will review the program requirements and discuss elements to include:
    • Courses required based on your CAP assessment
    • Program requirements
    • Graduation requirements
    • What it means to be in good academic standing
  3. Bring a pen and paper.

  4. Have a tentative class schedule filled out drop/add registration form.
    • Due to course closings, we cannot guarantee you will get your tentative schedule. You may wish to have several class choices ready.
    • Course listings, including closed courses, are listed on the myMCTC Course Lookup Page.
    • Registration forms are available in the Advising Center located in the lower level of the CTC building (Click Here for Campus Map).
  5. If you already have a schedule or partial schedule, bring a detail copy of it with you, which is available on myMCTC.

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Q. Can I schedule my own classes?

Students who do not have 24 earned credit hours with Mountwest, nor those on academic probation, may not register themselves. These students need to meet with an advisor in the Advising Center located in the lower level of the CTC building (Click Here for Campus Map).

Students who have 24+ earned credit hours and are in good academic standing may register for Mountwest courses through myMCTC. Students with more than 24 credit hours that have questions regarding course selection should seek assistance from their faculty advisor and/or program coordinator.

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Q. What is a "developmental" course?

"Developmental" courses help students gain basic skills knowledge important to the understanding required in later course work. Basic skills instruction is important to students who need to learn or review procedures in reading, writing, mathematics, and science.

Q. Why does a student have to take a developmental course?

Students' placement test scores in English and mathematics are used to determine their achievement levels. Students with identified scores take appropriate basic skills courses.

Q. Is there any way a student can still try to test out of developmental courses?

MMountwest offers placement exams in English and mathematics by appointments throughout the academic year with the Admissions Office located in the lower level of the CTC building, room B5. Placement exams are $10 each or $25 for all 3 and are administered electronically (Click Here for Campus Map).

Q. Will a developmental course count toward a student's graduation?

Developmental courses are graded credit/non-credit (CR/NC) and are recorded on the transcript. These courses enable students to take subsequent college-level work. The hours and credit earned in developmental courses do not count toward the hours and grade point requirements for graduation; however, the courses count toward full-time status and eligibility for financial aid.

Q. Are there support services to assist a student with developmental course work and other college-level courses?

The Mountwest Academic Skills Center offers instruction by computer programs, videos, cassettes, programmed materials, and teacher assistance. Most developmental courses require a co-requisite course or supplemental visits to the Academic Skills Center as part of their standard course requirements. These visits will be prescribed by the instructor and will focus on the area where each student needs additional instruction. Academic Skills Center hours are as follows:

Under prepared students might also benefit by taking the following courses:

REA 138 does count toward the hours and grade point average required for graduation.

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Q. What are self-pace courses?

A self-paced course allows a student to develop mastery of a specific subject at his or her own pace. While a self-paced course allows the student to make his or her own schedule, the student must be committed to completing the course by attending the Academic Skills Center for at least three (3) hours a week for a three credit hour class or four (4) hours a week for a four credit hour class. A self-paced course requires the student to follow the course syllabus and meet with an Academic Skills Center instructor to discuss areas that he or she is having difficulty mastering.

In a self-paced course, the primary learning relationship occurs between the computer and the student. The student's interaction with the computer programs is vital to his or her understanding of the course material. The Academic Skills Center instructor's primary task is to assist the student with questions he or she may have concerning course material, provide guidance, reference and tutorial assistance.

A self-paced course cannot be repeated. If a student fails to complete the course, he or she will be required to retake the course in a regular classroom setting if one is offered. A self-paced course is a credit/non-credit course. The student will receive credit upon completion and the course counts toward full-time status and financial aid eligibility.

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Q. What are online courses?

Students use the Internet for all coursework. Courses are taught with a course management software package that allows communication between students and instructors by email and/or through web-based discussion forums or chat sessions. There are no on campus meetings or real time-meetings. Some instructors may require proctored tests and scheduled face-to-face meetings. Also, there are a limited number of online classes taught each semester.

NOTE: Online course fees are assessed at a flat rate. This rate is assessed for ALL online courses and is separate from tuition assessed for any other courses you may be enrolled in. If you are taking traditional classroom courses and add an online course, you will be charged the online course fees in addition to the tuition for your traditional classroom courses.


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Q. When are final exams?

The exact dates and times for Final Exams are listed on the Registrars website and can be accessed by visiting the Exam Schedule page.

Q. What if I am absent for a final exam?

Students are required to take all regular examinations. If a student attends a course throughout the semester and is absent from the final examination without permission, the instructor counts the examination as zero and reports the final grade of F. If the absence is the result of illness or some other valid reason beyond the student’s control, the instructor reports a grade of I. In all cases, the student must verify the reason for the absence.

Q. Can I reschedule a final exam?

If a student has final exam conflicts or has three or more final exams scheduled for the same day, he/she should follow these steps:

Note: The Provost will not consider any form submitted less than one week before the first day of finals or any form that is incomplete. An instructor is not required to reschedule a final exam at the student’s request.

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Q. What will happen if my grades are poor?

You must keep a certain grade point average to avoid being placed on Academic Probation. If you have a deficit of 1 to 19 quality points, you will be placed on probation. This also applies if you transfer to the college with a deficit. If you are on probation, you will not be able to schedule your classes or register without the approval of the Mountwest Community and Technical College Advising Center (located in B5 in the lower level of the Mountwest Community and Technical College Building).

The following are guidelines for students with deficits:

  1. If you have a cumulative deficit of 20 quality points or more at the end of a term, you will be suspended for a minimum period of one (1) semester.

  2. The application of a transfer student suspended from any college shall not be considered for transfer until his/her period of suspension has expired.

  3. You may petition immediately upon notice of academic suspension from the Mountwest Community and Technical College if illness, accident, or other valid circumstances can be verified as the cause of poor academic performance.

  4. If you have been academically suspended, you may attend summer sessions without a written petition; however, if you are on academic hold, you must receive permission from the Mountwest Community and Technical College Advising Center to complete the registration process.

  5. If you are suspended for poor scholarship and are subsequently readmitted, you will be required to do the following:
    • Register for maximum of 13 approved hours.
    • Maintain a minimum 2.00 average each semester following readmission.
    • Reduce the deficit by no fewer than 6 quality points each two semesters.
    • Adhere to any additional requirements imposed.
  6. Gains made as a result of repeating a class to replace grades (D and F repeat rule during first 60 hours) are included in achieving a 2.00 grade point average and deficit reduction.

  7. Students on probation must earn a semester GPA of 2.0 or higher during every semester they are on probation. Students who fail to achieve a 2.0 GPA or higher while on Academic Probation or who accumulate or exceed the quality point deficiency listed for the GPA hours will be suspended for one regular semester (the Summer terms do not count as a term of suspension).

Q. If I am on probation, what do I have to do?

Students who are on probation must meet with an advisor in the Mountwest Community and Technical College Advising Center to ensure their understanding of the College Suspension/Probation Policy and to formulate a retention plan that might include repeating the courses, limiting hours, taking REA 138: Academic Skills Review, etc. The goal is to avoid suspension and to facilitate good academic standing.

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Q. How do I withdrawal from a course?

Individual Full-Term Course Withdrawal

The last date for withdrawal from individual full-term courses is the tenth Friday in a regular semester. Students wishing to withdraw from a class must complete a drop/add registration form, obtain the course instructor's signature, and take the drop/add registration form to the Registration Office in the CTC building, room B5. Drop/add registration forms are available in the Mountwest Community and Technical College Advising Center office or the Mountwest Community and Technical College Registration Office.

Students on probation must obtain the signature of the Mountwest Community and Technical College Director or designee before taking the drop/add registration form to the Registration Office.

Students withdrawing from an individual full-term course receive a grade of "W" for the course. The "W" grade has no impact on your GPA. If you do not withdrawal from classes properly, you will receive grades of "F" at the end of the semester or term.

See the Schedule of Courses or myMCTC for exact withdrawal dates.

See the Mountwest Community and Technical College Catalog for more information.

Complete Withdrawal

The last date for complete withdrawal from Mountwest Community and Technical College is the last day of class. Withdrawal from Mountwest Community and Technical College is defined as dropping all classes for which a student is registered. You must submit a withdrawal form to the Registrar or mail a request for withdrawal to the Registrar:

Mountwest Community & Technical College
Office of the Registrar - CTC 110 One John Marshall Drive Huntington, WV 25755-271Q

The effective date of withdrawal is the date that the withdrawal form is submitted to the Registrar. The postmark on mail requests is the official date of withdrawal.

Students withdrawing from the college receive a grade of "W" for all courses. The "W" grade has no impact on your GPA. If you do not withdrawal from classes properly, you will receive grades of "F" at the end of the semester or term.

See the Mountwest Community and Technical College Catalog for more information.

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Q. What are the requirements for graduation?

Students must apply for graduation at the beginning of the semester or term in which they intend to complete graduation requirements, which include the following:

Q. When should I apply for graduation?

Due dates for each graduation are listed in the current Schedule of Courses and also in the Academic Calendar section of the Mountwest Community and Technical College catalog as well as on the web.

To apply, students must

Q. What is the Work Keys Exam, and do I have to take it?

As a requirement for graduation, students are being asked to take part in an important Mountwest Community and Technical College skills assessment. To continue to receive funding for vocational/technical programs, all state community colleges are required to measure the skill level of their graduates in math and reading. West Virginia has chosen to use the Work Keys system to see if graduates from WV vocational/technical programs are calculating and reading at standards that meet the needs of employers. The two categories of assessment you will be required to take are Applied Mathematics (45 minutes) and Reading for Information (45 minutes). Your scores will not affect your GPA nor keep you from graduating; however, the graduation date for students who do not take the tests for any reason may be delayed. Work Keys tests will be offered at various times during the semester. Students need to attend only one session.

For more information about Work Keys, please contact Nedra Lowe (304-696-3017).

Q. When are graduation ceremonies and can I participate?

Mountwest observes one commencement exercise and four graduation dates during an academic year. The official graduation dates are:

Students who complete all requirements for a degree at any time other than the above dates will graduate on the next successive date. Students will not graduate on any dates other than those noted above. Students who graduate at the end of the summer term or the end of the fall term of an academic year are invited to join the spring graduates in the commencement exercises.

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Q. How do I get financial aid?

All students must complete the FAFSA in order to receive financial aid. This form must be completed every academic year and is available every January 1st for the next school year. The processing time for the FAFSA is 4-6 weeks, so early processing is highly recommended.

For more information on applying for aid, please or call the MCTC Financial Aid Office at 304-696-3005.

Q. Is there financial aid for part-time students?

There is a program called HEAPS (Higher Education Adult Part-Time Student) grant program available for part-time students who are eligible.

For more information on applying for aid, please visit or call the MCTC Finanical Aid Office at 304-696-3005.

Q. Are scholarships available to Mountwest students?

There are scholarships available to Mountwest students. If they meet the requirements established by the Financial Aid Office, students are eligible to receive the academic scholarships given by the Financial Aid Office. For more information about the scholarships and requirements, contact the MCTC Financial Aid Office at 304-696-3005.

In addition, some Mountwest scholarships are available.

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Q. Where do I get my books?

Stadium Bookstore, located at 1949 Fifth Avenue in Huntington, has books, supplies, gifts and much more. Textbooks are listed by course name and number so you may want to bring your schedule along when shopping. Also it’s best to buy your books early so you can pick up the cheaper used editions. Keep your receipt, and don't mark in your books until you're sure you're going to stay in the class.

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Q. Can the Mountwest students live in the dorms?

Contact Student Services at 304-710-3140 for contacts for close apartments. Back to Top

Q. How do I know if classes are cancelled due to the weather?

On those occasions when it is necessary to alter Mountwest’s schedule because of weather conditions, Mountwest will communicate closings, cancellations and delays through television and radio stations in Huntington and Charleston. Time permitting, Huntington and Charleston newspapers will be contacted.

Every effort will be made to notify all those affected as quickly and comprehensively as possible.

If a delay is announced, the beginning of activities is delayed. Usually a delay ranges from one to two hours. For example, since normal operations of the college begin at 8 a.m., a two-hour delay would mean functions would begin at 10 a.m. As a result, Monday, Wednesday or Friday classes beginning at 8 or 9 a.m. would be canceled; 10 a.m. classes would meet as usual. Tuesday or Thursday classes beginning at 8 a.m. would be canceled; those scheduled for 9:30 a.m. would begin instead at 10 a.m. in an abbreviated session. In most cases, delays on Tuesday and Thursday will be 90 minutes, enabling 9:30 a.m. classes to begin on schedule.

If it is announced that the university is closed, all classes are suspended and offices are closed. Classes canceled means all classes are suspended but offices are open.

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Q. Where can I get an application for the Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA), Radiologic Technology (Collins Career Center) or Respiratory Therapy program?

The Mountwest Advising Center does not have these applications. Student must contact:

Q. When should I submit my application?

Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA)

Complete application form with an official transcript must be submitted by March 1st.

Radiologic Technology for Collins Career Center

Applications for admission to Collins Career Center must be completed between January 1 and August 31 for classes beginning the following January. See the Radiologic Technology for more details.

Respiratory Therapy for Collins Career Center

Applicants must pass the Psychological Services Bureau Health Occupations Aptitude Examination, which is offered from March through July. After passing the exam, students can apply for the program.

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