Making Secure Payments through myMCTC


  1. Login to myMCTC at
  2. Choose the option for Student and Financial Aid Information.

  3. Choose the option for payment and account information.

  4. Choose the option for Account Summary by Term.

  5. The information is the amount currently owed to MCTC. The term balance is the amount that should be entered as the amount to be paid unless a payment plan agreement has been signed and a partial amount due given by the cashier.
  6. Choose the option to Make Secure On-line Credit Card Payments.
  7. All information related to the student for whom the payment is being made should be entered on the following screen.  Ensure that the appropriate MCTC student ID (942-XX-XXXX) is entered as Student ID.  Again the amount of payment should be either the term balance or the amount given by the cashier if a payment plan agreement has been signed.

  8. After the information has been entered, click Finish to enter account information for the payment. All information should be completed on the form shown below for payment to be made.  Upon completion, the pay button should be clicked, and a payment confirmation will appear.