Technical Studies

Program Description:
The Associate in Applied Science degree program in Technical Studies is designed to meet the following needs: (1) to provide for cooperatively sponsored educational opportunities leading to associate degrees for employees/students participating in quality education and training programs sponsored by business, industry, labor, government or other educational agencies; (2) to provide a timely and efficient mechanism for community and technical colleges to deliver educational programs in a variety of occupational fields to employers; (3) to increase the abilities of employees to use technology effectively and responsibility; (4) to increase abilities of employees to communication information effectively through reading, writing, speaking, and listening; (5) to develop employee’s abilities to solve problems through reasoning, information, retrieval, and productive teamwork; (6) to assist those employed in the workforce to understand that education is a life-long process.


COMPONENT I (General Education) Hours  
Communication Skills
(at least one business or technical writing course)
Quantitative Skills/Laboratory Science/Experience
(at least one college-level course must be in mathematics)
General Education Electives 9  
Up to three additional hours of general education may be required, provided that it is added to the 60 credit hour minimum required for graduation.
COMPONENT II (Technical Core)    
Each program of study must include a general technical core that meets the goal of developing skills that may be applied to a variety of occupations or that may be specific to an occupation. Max 39  
COMPONENT III (Technical/Occupational Specialty)    
This component consists of a technical concentration specific to an occupational area, and should consist of at least 12 hours. Max 39  
COMPONENT IV (On-the-Job Training in the Occupation or Supervised Work Based Learning)    
On-The-Job Training in Occupation
Maximum of 1,920 contact hours of on-the-job training, converted to credit hours on a ratio of 160:1, can be counted toward the A.A.S. degree. A statement of the total number of contact hours experienced on the job by the student may be placed on the college record. This credit will be recorded immediately prior to graduation from the college.
Max 12  


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