PTA Cost Sheet

Mountwest PTA Program

2014-2015 Associated Costs:


MCTC application fee   $15

PTA application fee   $45

MCTC graduation fee   $20

Health Science Occupational Exam   (yes/included in PTA App Fee)

CPR certification required prior to full program admission   $30

Physical exam required prior to full program admission (estimate)   $100

TB test and HepB vaccine may be required prior to clinical placement   $100

Tuition (4 full-semesters + 2 PT-semesters)   $5,400

Lab / Clinical Ed. fees   $400

Text Book costs   $1,100

Health Insurance for clinical placement (estimate)   $200

Criminal background checks/drug screens   (Yes/1st included in fees)

Stethoscopes   $30

Uniforms (polos)   $45

Goniometers/Gait Belt   $30 (estimate)

APTA / WV Professional Organization Dues (Student)   $90

Professional Licensure Fees... Required for initial licensure (estimate)   $600.00

Clinical travel costs at students’ expense… vary according to placement, distance, etc.   (will vary)


Total program costs:   $8,205                       


All amounts noted above are subject to change without notice.