Physical Therapist Assistant

Program Description:

Physical Therapist Assistants (PTA) are educated, skilled healthcare workers who work under the supervision of a Physical Therapist (PT). PTA’s assist in implementing physical therapy interventions in accordance with an established plan of care. Physical Therapist Assistants perform various treatment procedures which may involve the therapeutic use of water, massage, ultrasound, and the thermal properties of light and electricity to promote healing and relieve pain. The assistant also implements exercise programs designed for the restoration of strength, endurance, coordination, relaxation, and range of motion.

The program is designed to facilitate problem-solving, critical thinking, group interaction and improved self-assessment skills. The program is designed in a 1 + 1 curricular format. The first year’s general prerequisite courses total 31 credit hours, focusing on General Studies. Students receive foundational courses in functional human and neuroanatomy.

Through selective admissions, students are admitted into the second year of the program. This year consists of Physical Therapist Assistant Technical Education courses. Second-year courses include a comprehensive curriculum in adult, orthopedic, pediatric and spinal cord rehabilitation. Student will be required to complete 720 hours of full-time clinical education. The costs of clinical education (travel, housing, incidentals) are the responsibility of the student.

The Mountwest Physical Therapist Assistant Program
is recognized as having 100% student membership in the
American Physical Therapy Association (APTA).


REQUIRED COURSES1,2,* for the Academic Year 2014-2015
(Suggested Sequence)

Course Course Title Hours
BIOL 260 Applied Human Anatomy3 4
BIOL 265 Applied Human Physiology3 4
ENL 111 Written Communication4 3
MAT 145 Applications in Algebra5 3
  SS Elective6 3
COM 112 Oral Communication7 3
BIOL 221 Structural Kinesiology8 4
BIOL 245 Physiology of Exercise9 3
SCI 110 Introductory Physics10 4
PTA 100 Introduction to Physical Therapy1 3
PTA 110 Physical Therapy Modalities 2
PTA 110L Physical Therapy Modalities Lab11 1
PTA 120 Patient Care Skills 2
PTA 120L Patient Care Skills Lab11 1
PTA 130 Functional Anatomy and Procedures 3
PTA 130L Functional Anatomy and Procedures Lab11 1
PTA 140 Clinical Practice I12 1
PTA 150 Clinical Practice II13 2
PTA 160 Neuroanatomy and Physiology 3
PTA 200 Pathological Conditions 3
PTA 220 Orthopedic Rehabilitation 3
PTA 220L Orthopedic Rehabilitation Lab11 1
PTA 230 Adult Rehabilitation 3
PTA 230L Adult Rehabilitation Lab11 1
PTA 240 Clinical Practice III13 4
PTA 250 Peds and Spinal Cord Rehab 2
PTA 250L Peds and Spinal Cord Rehab Lab11 1
PTA 270 PTA Seminar 1
PTA 260 Clinical Practice IV13 4

1 Admission to PTA program is a prerequisite to all PTA coursework.
2 Students are required to make a “C” or better in each course in the second year before graduating from the program. The student will be allowed to repeat a course one time before being dismissed from the program. Sequencing of courses and progression will be determined by the program faculty. If a student receives a “D” or “F” in more than one course, then the student is dismissed from the program.
3 BIOL 260 and BIOL 265 have a prerequisite of BIOL 257, or BIOL 258 or ACT 19.
4 ENL 111 has a prerequisite of ENL 095, or placement in 100-level English, and REA 098, or placement in 100-level reading.
5 MAT 145 has a prerequisite of MAT 096, or MAT 097, placement in 100-level reading.
6 Select from SS 201, PSYC 201, or PSYC 215.
7 COM 112 has a prerequisite of REA 098, or placement in 100-level reading.
8 BIOL 221 has a prerequisite of BIOL 260.
9 BIOL 245 has a prerequisite of BIOL 265.
10 SCI 110 has a prerequisite of MAT 125, or MAT 135, or MAT 145, or MAT 146.
11 All PTA Lab courses have a co-requisites: PTA 110/PTA 110L; PTA 120/PTA 120L; PTA 130/PTA 130L; PTA 220/PTA 220L; PTA 230/PTA 230L.
12 PTA 140 has a prerequisite of PTA 100, and co-requisite of PTA 110, PTA 120, PTA 130, and PTA 160 with a “C” or better.
13 PTA 240 and PTA 260 have a prerequisite of completion of all PTA coursework with a grade of “C” or better.
*The following courses are recommended if planning to seek advanced degree (see advisor before enrolling as course may not be transferable): BIOL 221, BIOL 245, BIOL 260, and BIOL 265.

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