Medical Transcription (CAS)

Program Description

The Administrative Technology  One-Year Certificate program in Medical Transcription maintains student learning as its main priority and is committed to excellence in a learning environment that emphasizes procedures in a medical transcription office, problem solving, and skilled use of computer business software applications to provide for workforce development, career preparation, and lifelong learning. The One-Year Certificate program provides a strong foundation in anatomy/physiology, medical terminology, pharmacology, human diseases, laboratory procedures, preparation of medical documents, and medical transcription. This intensive program utilizes authentic physician dictation to prepare students to transcribe a wide variety of dictation subjects. The student progresses from entry-level to hospital style dictation. Upon completion of the One-Year Certificate Program in Medical Transcription, the graduate will be able to demonstrate knowledge that is specific to the medical transcription field.

(Suggested Sequence)

Course Course Title Hours
AT 220 Anatomy and Physiology for Transcription 3
AT 221 Medical Terminology for Transcription 3
AT 222 Pharmacology for Transcription 3
AT 223 Beginning Laboratory Medicine for Trans 1
AT 244 Beginning Medical Transcription4 6
AT 224 Advance Laboratory Medicine for Trans5,6 1
AT 225 Human Diseases for Transcription6 3
AT 247 General Surgery/Gastrointestinal Trans6 2
AT 248 Cardiology Transcription6 2
AT 249 Orthopedics Transcription6 2
AT 251 Obstetrics/Gynecology Transcription6 2
AT 252 Specialty Transcription6 2

1.  Please see an advisor for further information on program admission requirements.
2.  Second semester AT courses have a prerequisite of successful completion of first semester courses with “C” or better.
3.  Students must have above-average grammar, spelling, and punctuation skills; good word processing skills; and minimum keyboarding speed of 45 wpm for enrollment in the first semester courses.
4.  AT 244 has a co-requisite of AT 220, AT 221, AT 222, and AT 223.
5.  AT 224 has a prerequisite of AT 223 or AAT 223.
6.  AT 224, AT 225, AT 247, AT 248, AT 249, AT 251, and AT 252 have a prerequisite of AT 244 with a “C” or better.

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