Medical Assistant

Program Description:

Medical Assistants are allied health professionals who assist physicians in their offices or other medical settings. In accordance with respective state laws, they perform a broad range of administrative and clinical duties, as indicated by the American Association of Medical Assistants recent role delineation study. The Mountwest Medical Assistant program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs upon the recommendation of the Curriculum Review Board of the American Association of Medical Assistants Endowment (AAMAE).

Administrative duties include scheduling and receiving patients, preparing and maintaining medical records, performing basic secretarial skills and medical transcription, handling telephone calls and writing correspondence, serving as a liaison between the physician and other individuals, and managing practice finances. Clinical duties include asepsis and infection control, taking patient histories and vital signs, performing first aid and CPR, preparing patient for procedures, assisting the physician with examinations and treatments, collecting and processing specimens, performing selected diagnostic tests, and preparing and administering medications as directed by the physician.

Both administrative and clinical duties involve maintenance of equipment and supplies for the practice. A medical assistant who is sufficiently qualified by education and/or experience may be responsible for supervising personnel, developing and conducting public outreach programs to market the physician’s professional services, and participating in the negotiation of leases and of equipment and supply contracts.

REQUIRED COURSES for the Academic Year 2014-20151
(Suggested Sequence)

Course Course Title Hours
AH 151 Medical Terminology2 3
ENL 111 Written Communication3 3
EME 105 First on Scene 3
IT 101 Fundamentals of Computers (EDGE) 3
MAT 115 Business Mathematics4 3
AH 220 Basic Nutrition1 3
BIOL 257 Intro to Anatomy & Physiology (EDGE) 3
COM 112 Oral Communications2 3
IT 150 Application to Spreadsheets5 3
PSYC 215 Lifespan Psychology2 3
HIT 201 Health Information Tech I6 3
HIT 201L Health Information Tech I Lab7 1
AH 204 Legal & Ethical Issues in Healthcare2 3
MA 201 Medical Assisting Techniques I 3
MA 204 Physician's Office Med. Coding 3
MA 206 Medical Office Procedures 3
AH 216 Basic Pharmacology8 3
MA 202 Medical Assisting Tech II9 4
MA 203 Medical Lab Techniques 3
MA 205 Medical Office Claims Procedure 3
MA 207 Medical Office Externship10 3

1   All MA courses have a prerequisite of admission to the program.
2   AH 204, AH 151, AH 220, COM 112, and PSYC 215 have a prerequisite of REA 098, or placement in
     100-level reading.
3   ENL 111 has a prerequisite of ENL 095, or placement in 100-level English, and REA 098, or
     placement in 100-level reading.
4   MAT 115 has a prerequisite of MAT 097, or placement in 100-level math.
5   IT 150 has a prerequisite of IT 101 or IT 102.
6   HIT 201 has a prerequisite of admission to the MA program.
7   HIT 201 and HIT 201L must be taken together as co-requisites.
8   AH 216 has a prerequisite of AH 151.
9   MA 202 has a prerequisite of MA 201.
10 MA 207 has a prerequisite of MA 205.

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