Management Technology

Program Description:
The increasing complexities of the business environment have created the need for individuals who possess a greater diversity of skills. Interpersonal, communication, analytical, decision-making, customer service, and computer skills are essential for success in business. Marshall Community & Technical College’s Management Technology program provides these skills and prepares students for entry-level positions in organizations with career paths that eventually lead to supervisory and management positions. The program also prepares employed individuals for upward mobility within their organization.

(Suggested Sequence)

Course Course Title Hours
AC 103 Intro to Accounting 3
ENL 111 Written Communication1 3
IT 101 Fundamentals of Computers (EDGE) 3
MAT 145 Applications in Algebra2 3
MG 101 Introduction to Business (EDGE) 3
AC 201 Financial Accounting I3 3
AT 104 Records Management 3
COM 112 Oral Communication 3
EC 201 Fundamentals of Microeconomics 3
MK 130 Fundamentals of Marketing 3
AC 210 Managerial Accounting4 3
AC 221 Comp. Accounting I5 3
EC 202 Fundamentals of Macroeconomics 3
ENL 115 Written Communication II6 3
MG 202 Business Organization & Management7  

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