Hotel/Motel Management

Program Description:

The hospitality and tourism industry is a large, diverse field that provides challenging and exciting career opportunities for people from all walks of life. The possibilities for satisfying careers are almost limitless. The rewards and satisfactions provided by the industry far exceed those of many other fields of work.

While the different segments of the hospitality and tourism industry have their own unique characteristics, they all share the same mission and heritage, serving the guest or customer. The segments of hospitality and tourism are traveling services, lodging, foodservice, and recreation services. They all possess a common future as one of the most dynamic employment and career fields available. Students will attain knowledge in foodservice disciplines, customer service, sanitation, purchasing and inventory control, business operations, marketing, retailing, accounting management, and communication skills.

REQUIRED COURSES for the Academic Year 2014-2015
(Suggested Sequence)

Course Course Title Hours
CA 200 Culinary Sanitation and Safety1 (EDGE) 2
ENL 111 Written Communication1 3
HM 101 Travel, Tourism & Hospitality1 2
HM 220 Managing Catering Operations1 3
IT 101 Fundamentals of Computers (EDGE) 3
MAT 115 Business Mathematics3 3
HM 137 Trends in the Hospitality Industry1 3
HM 145 Hotel Front Office Procedures1 3
HM 155 Hospitality Information Systems 3
MAT 120 Applied Professional Math3 3
SS 201 Human Relations1 3
CA 120 A la Cart Dining Rm Service I1 (EDGE) 2
COM 112 Oral Communications1 3
HM 222 Rooms Division Management1 3
HM 250 Managing Hospitality Marketing1 3
HM 285 Legal Aspects of Hospitality Management1 3
CA 235 Menu Planning1 2
CA 260 Culinary Selection and Procurement1 2
CA 275 Cost Control and Revenue Management1 2
HM 210 Human Resources & Diversity Man.1 3
HM 240 Intro to Vineyards & Breweries1 2
HM 299 Internship/Apprenticeship5 1
  Elective Marketing or Management6 3

1. CA 120, CA 200, CA 235, CA 275, COM 112, HM 101, HM 137, HM 145, HM 210,
    HM 220, HM 222, HM 240, HM 250, HM 285 and SS 201 have a prerequisite of
    REA 098, or placement in 100-level reading.
2. ENL 111 has a prerequisite of ENL 085, ENL 095, or placement in 100-level
    English, and REA 098, or placement in 100-level reading.
3. MAT 115 and MAT 120 has prerequisite of MAT 097, or placement in 100-level mathematics.
4. HM 222 has a prerequisite of HM 145.
5. Students must receive permission from the program coordinator to enroll in
    HM 299. Students may complete the requirement between the 1st and 2nd year.
6. Student may choose from any 100 or 200 level Marketing or Management course.

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