Culinary Arts CP

Program Description:

The hospitality and food service industry is a large, diverse field that provides challenging and exciting career opportunities for people from all walks of life. The possibilities for satisfying careers are almost limitless. The rewards and satisfactions provided by the industry far exceed those of many other fields of work.

While the different segments of the hospitality and tourism industry have their own unique characteristics, they all share the same mission and heritage-serving the guest or customer. The segments of hospitality and tourism are fine dining, catering, hotel and motel food service, casual family restaurants, chef-owned bistros, quick-service dining, national chains, national parks, resorts, casinos, stadiums, theme parks, cruise lines, and on-site foodservice operations such as hospital, collegiate, and company cafeterias.  They all possess a common future as one of the most dynamic employment and career fields available.  The Culinary Arts Certificate prepares individuals for entry-level chef positions.  Students will study the fundamentals of classical and contemporary cuisine, sanitation, nutrition, purchasing, cost control, kitchen management, and restaurant procedures.  A range of different cuisines are taught from basic levels, to intermediate, to advanced.  The curriculum is designed for the entry-level student with no previous work experience or formal training in the profession, as well as for industry professionals seeking to raise their skills.

COURSES REQUIRED for the Academic Year 2014-2015
(Suggested Sequence)

Course Courses Title Hours
CA 105 Fabrication & Knife Skills2,3 3
CA 110 Mise en Place 2,3 3
CA 120 A la Carte Dining Rm Serv I2 (EDGE) 2
CA 190 Hospitality Lab Practicum I 1
CA 200 Sanitation and Safety2,3 (EDGE) 2
ENL 111 Written Communication4 3
HM 101 Travel, Tourism & Hospitality Industry2 1
CA 112 Garde Manger5 3
CA 195 Hospitality Lab Practicum II6 1
CA 269 Soups, Stocks & Sauces7 2
CA 275 Cost Control and Revenue Management2 2
IT 101 Fundamentals of Computers (EDGE) 3
  Mahematics Elective8 3

1 Students are required to make a grades of “C” or better in each CA and HM course before graduating from the program.
2 CA 105, CA 110, CA 120, CA 200, CA 275, ENL 111, and HM 101 have a prerequisite of REA 098, or placement in 100-level reading.
3 CA 105, CA 110, and CA 200 must be taken concurrently.
4 ENL 111 has a prerequisite of ENL 095, or placement in 100-level English, and REA 098, or placement in 100-level reading.
5 CA 112 has a prerequisite of CA 105, CA 110, CA 200, and CA 269.
6 CA 195 has a prerequisite of CA 190.
7 CA 269 has a prerequisite of CA 105, CA 110, and CA 200.
8 Choose from any 100-level or above mathematics course. MAT 137 is suggested.

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