Allied Health Occupations

Program Description:

The Allied Health Occupations Certificate Program is a unique opportunity for students, interested in the health care field, to earn a certificate that will help them further this goal.  Health Occupations Certificate graduates have a wide range of career options within the Health Science industry.  Graduates work in educational services, federal, state, and local governments, or pharmaceutical and medical facilities.  The Health Occupations Certificate includes a minimum of 18 general education credits and 12 credit hours of Allied Health credits.

REQUIRED COURSES for the Academic Year 2014-2015
(Suggested Sequence)

Course Course Title Hours
AH 151 Medical Terminology1 (EDGE) 3
BIOL 257 Intro. To Anatomy & Physiology 3
ENL 111 Written Communication2 3
IT 101 Fundamentals of Computers (EDGE) 3
  Math Elective3 3
  Allied Health Elective4 9
COM 112
COM 125
Oral Communication
Interpersonal Communication1
  Social Science Elective5 3


1. AH 151, COM 112, and COM 125 have a prerequisite of REA 098, or placement in 100-level reading.
2. ENL 111 has a prerequisite of ENL 095, or placement in 100-level English, and REA 098, or placement in 100-level reading.
3. Choose from MAT 115, 145 and 150 or higher. MAT 115, MAT 145, and MAT 150 have a prerequisite of MAT 097 or placement in 100-level mathematics.
4. Recommended Allied Health electives include: AH 205, AH 207, AH 216, AH 220, CLA 200, CLA 203, EME 105, EME 109 and others with permission.
5. Choose from EC, HIST, PSYC, SS at the 100-level or above.


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