Strategic Plan 2013-2016

Strategic Plan 2013-2016 CoverBy 2016, Mountwest Community & Technical College aims to be an educational and economic driver in our community. This plan will help us get there.

Six Areas of Progress
The core elements of this plan focus on progress in six key areas:

1. College Completion
2. Community Engagement
3. Career Development
4. Community College Value
5. Public Profile
6. Alternative Education

A Thriving Institution
This plan sets a new standard of excellence for educating the Tri-State community. It draws on newly developed capacities in academic programming, a learner-centered environment and institutional supports to help students achieve greater success. The Strategic Plan will help us track our success, report back to the community and keep us focused on ensuring that our students have the highest-quality learning experience possible.

Through the plan, Mountwest aims to:

We also expect to be a healthy institution that has:

As we gain traction in these areas, Mountwest also plans to enhance its efforts in both transfer and online education.

Download Mountwest's complete Strategic Plan 2013-2016.