President’s Office

MCTC President - Dr. Keith CotroneoWelcome to our wonderful new campus atop the “mount” off 5th Street in Huntington. As your President, I am extremely proud of this new campus and have greatly enjoyed welcoming students and staff members to our new home.

There are many exciting benefits of our new campus. The first of which is our new, one-stop Student Services area. We worked with consultants, students, faculty and staff to design this area to meet the needs of all. The ability to accomplish all of your needed tasks in one, single-stop location is a wonderful feature of our new campus. The entire Student Services team has worked very hard to make our one-stop as positive and efficient as possible, and they have succeeded.

As you continue to enjoy the openness, accessibility and all the benefits that our new campus has to offer, please take a minute to also reflect on the value of the education you’re receiving at Mountwest. After reviewing the results of a recent economic impact study, it’s easy to see that the region receives a tremendous return on investment from a Mountwest graduate and from the Mountwest operation. The dollars that are invested in the college by government and private donors are returned in a very short amount of time and many times over. Combined with the cost of attending Mountwest versus a fouryear institution or a for-profit educational institution, we can boldly say that a Mountwest education is the best value in the region, bar none.

If you are a current student or staff member, I thank you for your commitment to Mountwest. If you are a prospective student, I encourage you to come to Mountwest, visit our one-stop Student Services area, and talk with a student success counselor about the benefits of a Mountwest education.

Dr. Keith J. Cotroneo
President, Mountwest Community